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Building The Adhesive Quarter-joint Binding 


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6. Measure and cut boards and inlay


The width of boards used on the quarter-joint binding varies with the thickness of the book. To ensure that the quarter-joint binding opens properly the hinge area between the spine edge of the board and the spine of the textblock must be at least ¼ the thickness of the spine. Since the quarter-joint binding has no bottom square the boards are just slightly (1/16") longer than the height of the text block. The width of the board can be calculated using the following equation:

board size = (length of textblock + 1/16") x (width of textblock - ¼ spine thickness + 1/16")


Or the board width can be calculated within acceptable tolerances according to the formula and chart below.


board size = (length of textblock + 1/16") x

(width of textblock - width adjustment from chart)


Quarter-joint board width adjustments

spine thickness adjustment

up to ¾ -1/4

+3/4 to 1 ¼ -3/8

+ 1 1/4 to 1 ¾ -1/2

+1 3/4 to 2 ¼ -5/8

          + 2 ¼ -3/4



  • measure the length of the book and add 1/16" for board length.


  • measure thickness of the book at the spine and note adjustment on width adjustment chart.


  • measure width of the book and subtract the adjustment taken from the chart. This will be the width of your board
  • Cut boards to size
  • Cut the inlay from a thin (.060) binder’s board or other board stock. Cut the inlay to the same length of the boards and to the thickness of the spine

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